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A highly motivated, ambitious and enthusiastic Certified Confidence and Mindset Coach For Career Women who are feeling unfulfilled in their roles, facing serious burn out and struggling to achieve work-life balance and career dreams.

In addition, I am an NLP and Reiki Practitioner.

Work With Me


Are you currently feeling stuck in a career that doesn’t fulfill you?

Maybe you climbing up the wrong ladder?

12-Week Coaching Program 1:1

My biggest passion is to work with women who are:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and burned out

  • Feeling unfulfilled & stuck in their career

  • Feeling unappreciated and resentful

  • Full of negative limiting beliefs that force them to live below their potential

  • Living for the weekends and hating Mondays

  • Dealing with self doubt and lack of confidence in their abilities to make a change

  • Feeling paralyzed by fear of making ‘wrong’ decisions

  • Feeling scared of being criticized or judged by family and friends for their actions

  • Working overtime and feeling overloaded with responsibilities but are afraid to push back and say, “No, I can’t take on more.”

  • Struggling to achieve work life balance

  • Waking up when it’s still dark out and craving freedom and flexibility to create the lifestyle they desire

Maybe you are one of these women and you don’t know where to start. I fully understand you! I’ve been there, I’ve done that!

Deep inside of you, you know that you are meant for something else but the fear of change paralyses you.


My coaching programs are designed to help women like you to find their purpose, build unshakable confidence and create the life, career and freedom they’ve always dreamed of!

While working with me you will:

  • gain full clarity on your vision, your talents and who you are when you step into being the best version of yourself
  • be able to see and remove blocks to your success and learn techniques to reshape your career or business to achieve more power and freedom
  • break through your biggest fears lurking under the surface, self-doubts that hold you back from creating the business and lifestyle you deserve
  • unlock your master manifested potential with simple and proven techniques
  • clear the old stories and family programs deep rooted in your subconscious mind that act like a wall blocking abundance from manifesting into your life and driving a negative financial situation
  • boost your performance and effectiveness
  • develop a growth mindset and a belief in your own resourcefulness
  • receive a set of tools to overcome fear and create unshakable confidence

There's something we need to agree upfront: your growth and change are up to you.

I can’t force you to take action and do the work.

But I’m committed to support you on this journey, motivate you, walk by your side and answer your questions.

  • I will shed light on your blind spots and share with you all the techniques I used in my own growth so that so you can avoid a lot of mistakes.
  • I will help you detangle your mind.
  • I will help you to see things differently.
  • I will help you dissolve your limitations.
  • I will help you develop a growth mindset and a belief in your own resourcefulness
  • I will show you how to apply strategies that reduce your mind’s negative self-talk
  • I will help you to build the confidence to overcome paralysis and take action even when you’re feeling resistance or fear
  • I will share with you everything I've learned in the past 7 years by investing multiple 5 figures in my own growth and professional development.

I can’t wait to see you blossom into an incredible career woman!

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Ramona is a wonderful, warm coach! I very much recommend her. She truly helped me break free from some blocks to be able to achieve my goals 💗💗💗 Thank you so much love!!
Aicha Gaye
Ramona is amazing at unlocking what really has you feeling lost in your current career path!
Jayme Shiarla
She will bring you clarity and the confidence to truly dial in to your biggest passion and how to thrive in it! An amazing Coach! Would recommend.
Lucia Rachel
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